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A Timeless Principal Suite in Noe Valley

For us, a space must be as functional as it is beautiful. Take a look at how we transformed a dark semi-basement den into a spacious Principal Suite.

We started by eliminating all the closets that were eating up floor space, yet providing very little functional storage. With approval from a Structural Engineer (since it required moving some walls) we reconfigured access to the bathroom by turning a tiny coat closet into a vestibule leading to the bathroom and closet.

We expanded the footprint of the bathroom enough to incorporate a petite double vanity, gave the closet a functional layout, and consolidated unused space to make the bedroom as large as possible. We even punched through the exterior wall to capture space from an exterior closet and used it as a built in desk.
Take a look at where we started!

We matched the trim moulding to what was already existing and chose finishes and colors that fit the classic sensibility of the home. Handmade tile and clean lined fixtures keep things from feeling stuffy. Check out the final space!

Photography by: SEN Creative Co
Styling by: Mikhail Romain


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